5 Unique Details to Have at Your Wedding


With over four years of wedding photography under my belt, I’ve seen my fair share of unique details couples choose to have on their special day. Here are my top face favorite ways to make your day more sentimental while being unique at the same time!

This custom collar might have just been one of the most subtle and unique details I’ve seen to date! It’s the perfect way to mark your wedding attire without going too over the top.

Every bride makes sure to get the perfect pair of shoes for her wedding day, but customizing the bottoms with the infamous wedding words of “I do” take the shoes to the next level!

I love seeing custom or sentimental cufflinks at weddings. Whether these accessories have a special phrase or picture, the sentimentality always shines through in a beautiful way!

What better way to surprise the new groom than with a custom garter that is not only beautiful, but is something that will only be shared with the happy couple? Sometimes the smaller details are the best!

It’s only appropriate to have a sentimental treasure for your best friend on the most important day of your life as well! This adorable mother-daughter frame perfectly commemorates the unending love between a mother and daughter.

I hope these details gave you inspiration for your special day! The more sentimental, the better!



February 5, 2021

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