Each of our visual artists is trained in both mediums of photo and video, in order to create a seamless experience for you, and produce cohesive and stunning results. We believe our craft is a delicate one, and your most emotional and heart-stirring moments are best encapsulated in striking stills and captivating video. To produce the enduring and elevated artwork we promise, we work exclusively with clients who allow us to capture their love story through joint mediums of photo and video.

Amavi is comprised of a dedicated group of photographers, videographers, and creative directors who work tirelessly to capture romance.

who we are

My passion is capturing expressions of love, small and large. From breathtaking sunsets in Montego Bay, to heart stirring vows told at a kitchen table in Indiana, I have been given the opportunity to witness hundreds of romances, each one incredibly unique. My promise to every one of clients goes beyond professionalism, high quality visuals, and efficiency: My promise is to tell your love story with honesty, compassion, and artfulness. Storytelling drives me; it sets my soul on fire. 
My craft is intrinsically connected to my heart, and I truly believe that I was put on this earth to tell stories. I'm deeply grateful to say that love has taken me across the world and back again. Since 2016, I've been a part of almost 200 love stories worldwide, and every time the camera shutters or the video rolls I'm reminded how this passion has shaped me and how it has shaped the way I see the world.
The opportunity to give you a visceral reminder of your story is why I do the work that I do - 

Founder, Lead Photographer + Videographer 

Shelby Henry

meet the girls

with love, for love.

With many years of experience in the wedding industry, I adore capturing couples true to themselves and their love story.  Shooting almost every wedding that Amavi covers, Shelby and I love being a part of your day, capturing it and supporting you from getting ready, all the way through to your send off.

You can find me fluffing your gown, meticulously tracking a shot list, keeping us true to timeline and grabbing a candid moment that you'll treasure forever. We can't wait to meet you and celebrate with you soon! 

Lead Photographer

Skylar Stephens