Should you book photo & video with the same company?


So you’re planning your special day. From the dress, to the location, to the flowers, to the guest list, you want everything to be perfect. You also want everything captured perfectly. These moments are fleeting, and being able to look back and remember every special moment is important.

When you choose your wedding photographer, you’ll have considered so many things: you’ll have assessed their portfolio, how they capture intimate moments, read reviews from their previous brides, looked into the way they use light and color and movement in their photos. Maybe these moments will end up in frames on your living room walls, or in a wedding album you’ll keep on your bedroom dresser, so you know how perfectly you want them captured.

Now, I’ve noticed when I broach the subject of wedding videography with my clients and soon-to-be-wed friends, less thought is put into this selection. Why?

I think video is just a medium that people are less familiar with. The fact of the matter is, however, that when someone watches a video of their wedding day – particularly what we call a “highlight video” – it takes them back to those moments in a totally unique way. And for those of us behind the camera, getting to integrate those larger moments into moving frames, weaving them together and adding music and words and sounds from their day is a very special gift to present to couples.

Something important to keep in mind is that having two different creative groups working on your wedding day can cause unexpected chaos. While all good companies will try their best to work together and deliver perfect results, the reality is that having a singular team, trained in both mediums, and accustomed to working together will deliver you the best visuals of your wedding day.

When you choose a team to capture your wedding day, you ask for them to look and find special moments, both small and large, to present back to you in a medium you get to keep forever. We at Shellshot Visuals do not take this task lightly, and we encourage you to book with us not just photography, but videography as well, so that your memories are cohesive, intimate, unique, and artfully rendered. Remember to ask about our combination discounts, which will make booking both services with us easy and affordable.

Everybody loves a mashup, but on your wedding day, leave it to 1 team to make your visuals perfect.

December 26, 2019

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