Leah + Luke: Close to Home and Close to My Heart


As Amavi moves fully into the blogging space, we know that one of the most important parts of blogging is writing about the amazing couples we have the pleasure to work with, and the beautiful wedding days we get to capture. Every single wedding is different and every single couple has their own unique story, capturing them and writing about them is a responsibility and a joy.

Jumping into that space, I knew exactly which wedding I wanted to start with. I wanted to start really close to home. I wanted to start at the beginning of June, with Leah + Luke.

Leah and I grew up together. Born 10 days apart, we walked through so many phases of life together, and wedding season was the next. We grew up talking about our weddings one day: who the man would be, what our dresses would look like, the tears we’d cry when we walked down the aisle at each other’s weddings in pink or purple bridesmaids dresses.

But something we didn’t foresee was my career in capturing love, of course we dreamed of the photos and videos that would capture our future weddings, but we never thought we could be a part of that for each other. I was so blessed to be a part of Leah’s big day, being a bridesmaid to your best friend is something you always dream about. But Leah’s wedding was one of the coolest days of my life because, not only did I get to stand by her side and watch my best friend in the whole world get married, I also got to create art that will go with her for the rest of her life. Leah and Luke allowed my team and I to capture their wedding on video, and the final video is so close to my heart.

Leah and Luke got married under a fresh June sky with so many friends and family surrounding them. Every detail, down to the candlesticks, was thought of. Their day reflected them so well as they said “I do” in a hushed church, the big white one that Leah and I grew up in. She walked down the aisle with a grin on her face, and as I took a mental image in my mind, I cried the happiest tears. I am so so sooooo thankful to have been a part of that day in a traditional sense, and a new and unique one. Leah and Luke trusted me with their day, trusted me to reflect who they were in video, and trusted me to help them remember one of the best days of their lives. Click the video at the top of this post and see for yourself.

September 9, 2019